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The Sugar Technology Mission launched in the year 1994, focuses on technology upgradation for the Indian Sugar industry.  The purpose is to use latest environment friendly, cost effective technologies for achieving efficient sugar production through improvements in plant efficiencies, energy saving and reduced inputs. 

Technology Upgradation of Sugar Factories

The Mission has so far prepared detailed schemes for 53 sugar factories for their technological upgradation.  This has lead to reduction in cost of conversion and improvements in capital output ratio.

The list of completed detailed project reports (DPR) during 2006-07 for the sugar factories is as  under:

 S. No. Factory
 1. RBNS Sugar Mills, U.P (Phase-II)
 2. Mohan Rao Sindhe SSK Ltd, Maharashtra (Co-Gen)
 3. Sri Chamundeswari Sugars Ltd, Karnataka
 4. The Haryana Co-op Sugar Mills Ltd.
 5. Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd., Unit-Sikandarabad; U.P
 6. Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd., Unit-Shermau; U.P
 7. Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd., Unit-Khaikheri; U.P
 8. Madhuraj Agrotech Ltd., Dhaula; Punjab.
 9. Crystal Energy & Foods Ltd, Gurdaspur, Punjab
 10. Jai Mahash Sugar Industries Ltd, Maharshtra

Evaluation of New Technologies
The Mission has also evaluated a number of new technologies and has rendered financial support to 24 Nos. new technologies so far for their trials and evaluation.  Technologies that have successfully commercialized and replicated have led to benefits of improved sugar recovery, energy saving and improvements in sugar quality. There have been about 20 replications in the Sugar Industry during the current year.
The technologies, which have been successfully commercially evaluated so far and have been either replicated or are ready for replication are:

  • Separate Clarification of Vacuum Filtrates
  • Thin Film Sulphur Burner for Continuous generation of SO2 to achieve satisfactory juice clarification parameters.
  • PLC based integrated clarification control system for automatic control of juice purification, better removal of non-sugars.
  • Blanco Directo / Syrup treatment process for production of superior quality sugar.
  • Low Pressure Extraction System (LPE).
  • Computerized Automation of Condensing and Cooling System
  • Planetary Gear Box
  • Enterprises Resources Planning (ERP) System
  • Alternate Material Components for Sugar Mills
  • Monitoring and Control System for pan boiling
  • Distillery effluent treatment system.
  • Ethanol from secondary Juice.
  • Development of cost effective Fibrizer hammer tips.

Overseas Assignment
The road map prepared on revival of sugar mills in Fiji is under implementation.  The above task is in addition to the progress / work submitted and completed by STM.