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The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), in Austria is an international research organization supported by member organizations from different countries. IIASA conducts inter-disciplinary scientific studies on environmental, economic, technological, and social issues in the context of human dimensions of global change and specializes in natural and social scientific research methods and models valued by policy makers, the scientific community and the public worldwide. India joined IIASA in January 2007 with TIFAC as the National Member Organization (NMO).

As the Indian NMO for IIASA, TIFAC’s role is to primarily identify, initiate and catalyze collaborative activities that utilize IIASA’s strengths thorough the India-IIASA Programme which is guided an Indian National committee chaired by Dr Kirit S Parikh, Member Planning Commission.The major activities include:

  • Indian scientists working at IIASA on issues of mutual concern and interest.
  • Organization of relevant activities in India (workshops, conferences, seminars, etc.) on ongoing research activities at IIASA.
  • Participation of Indian scientists in scientific events at IIASA or events organized by IIASA outside India/Austria
  • Joint collaborative research and development projects between Indian scientists from Indian S&T organizations and academic institutions and IIASA on areas on mutual concern.

An important part of the programme includes capacity building for Indian scientists by way of facilitating participation of talented Indian scientists at IIASA in their programs like the Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP) and Postdoctoral Programs. As the Indian NMO, TIFAC facilitates participation of Indian Scientists in IIASA’s programs selected through IIASA competitive process. In addition, TIFAC also facilitate development of collaborative projects between Indian and IIASA scientists in areas of mutual interest.