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Technology Vision 2035 Survey E-mail

Dear Respondents,

Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC), an autonomous society under the Department of Science & Technology, has undertaken a mammoth exercise to create Technology Vision (TV) 2035 for the country. Earlier, TIFAC pioneered by making TV 2020 documents for the nation which laidCQE roadmap to make India a developed country by 2020. Even as the transformation happens, we need to prepare ourselves to take-on the issues that a developed India may face, around 25 years from now. This visioning is important to the Science & Technology community in order to identify technology trajectories and decide their agenda. Towards this, we intend to capture the vision and views of countryman through 98-366 this exercise by reaching out widest possible cross-section of the society.

Twelve sectors have been chosen on top priority basis and of national importance. These sectors are Agriculture & Food, Education, Energy, Environment, Global Change Issues, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Infrastructure, Habitat, Material & manufacturing, Water, Transportation, and Water. There are separate questionnaire on each mentioned sector. For the convenience, the questionnaire is divided into Two Parts. Part A:  presents you situations and seeks your opinion out of the three scenarios (Most likely, Likely or Unlikely). Part B: Questionnaire pertaining to specific sector and also you can express your views/ ideas on Technology imperatives for India at 2035 or even the Technology Vision 2035 in the space provided at the end of questionnaire.

Part A can also be filled separately; if individual don't want to fill the Part B of the questionnaire which are very technical and sector specific. Part A will take hardly 10 minutes to complete your response. Needless to say, your opinion is extremely valuable for this exercise and therefore, we request you to spare some of your valuable time to complete the questionnaire as per the given instruction. We solicit your kind inputs and suggestions. Please send your filled questionnaire to the respective officer as mentioned in last every questionnaire

Please feel free to share the Questionnaire with your colleagues and friends.

How to participate in the Survey:
1.   Chose and Click on sector below in which you want to participate
2.   Download the questionnaire in word format
3.   Fill the questionnaire as per the instruction given (filling personal detail is mandatory, questionnaire has two Parts A & B. Part A is optional)  
4.   After filling the questionnaire, save the word format and send back to the concern dealing officer through email which is mentioned at the last of the questionnaire.
5.   If anybody want to fill only Part A of the questionnaire (general question) please click here

Part A: General Questionnaire

Sector Specific Questionnaire

1. Educational Technologies [SET1] [SET2] [SET3]
2. Energy Technologies 
3. Environment
4. Food and Agriculture 
5. Global challenge issues
6. Habitat
7. Information & Communication Technologies
8. Infrastructure
9. Materials & Manufacturing Technologies
10. Medical science & Health Care
11. Transportation
12. Water Technologies
(Questionnaire under finalization)