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Intern Selected for Autum 2016 Session E-mail

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Selected /waitlisted candidates

Commercial Scale Food Processing
Technologies Pertinent to Malda Cluster:
an Attempt towards Rainbow Revolution
Sankalita Satapathi (16AUT0061)
1.    Aparajita (16AUT0215)
2.    Neha Bansal (16AUT0251)
3.    Sagar Ramesh Kumbhar
Impact Assessment of Mission REACH: A
Mission under Umbrella Scheme on
Technology Vision 2020
Sushma S (16AUT0055)
1.    Saumya Suman Mohapatra
2.    Lokesh Kumar Vitonde
New Methods for Future Technology
Analysis Combining Different Patent
Mapping Technology Foresight Methods
No candidate selected
Patent Data Based Forecasting of Future
Skills Requirement for Teachers
1.    Ekanto Ghosh (16AUT0049)
Integrated Electric Wheelchair
1.    Aartika Sethi (16AUT0070)
1.    Vani (16AUT0034)
2.    Pinak Sawhney (16AUT0209)
Solar Integrated Electric Bus:
A Cross Impact Analysis    
No candidate selected


  1. Successful candidates are being intimated by post and email.
  2. Selection of any candidate may be canceled at any stage if it is found that he/she does not meet the eligibility criteria.
  3. The following documents are to be submitted at the time of joining.
    • A certificate from the institution stating that he/ she is a bona fide student of the institution and mentioning his/ her CGPA / percentage of marks so far in the course pursued.
    • A No Objection Certificate / certificate mentioning whether the internship is a necessary requirement for the course being pursued.
    • All relevant certificates and mark sheets, and a passport size photograph.
  4. Wait-listed candidates may be offered internship in case the selected candidates fail to join within the specified date.