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Technology Foresight, Assessment  and Technology Roadmap

Technology status and trends, scenario analysis, comparative analysis of various technology choices
System level studies including development of models and data inventory for assessment of life-cycle impacts, benefits and costs, infrastructural requirements etc.
Issues related to materials and other resource availability for emerging technology options
Identification of technology priorities and strategies for achieving them

Network of Automotive Researchers

Cooperation among key players of the automotive industry, along with R&D institutes and academia is a necessity to meet the challenges of technology development and enhancement of  competitiveness, along with significant social, economic and environmental benefits. This requires efforts towards development of a synergy among academic experts themselves, and also between academia and industry, in terms of a long term vision for the automotive industry in India. Automotive technologies being interdisciplinary in nature, R&D efforts in this field invariably require coming together of various researchers form different fields.

Catalysing and Nucleating Collaborative Technology Development Efforts

Collaborative efforts for technology development has assumed significance in modern times because of interdisciplinary and complex nature of developments, risks associated, and for minimization of the  resource requirements. The technology foresight studies under the TFAR programme are expected to result into nucleation of technology development efforts involving automotive manufacturers, component manufacturers, R&D and academic institutes and other stakeholders.