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•    Analysis of inter-relationships among technology, policies, and socio-economic parameters using quantitative methods of technology foresight  
•    Development of models featuring cross-sectoral inter-dependencies, and collation of datasets appropriate for the models
•    Prediction of long range trajectories and limitations of transformative technologies, and establish how best to prepare for the societal impacts associated with it
•    Getting insight into possible future scenarios and role of the policy alternatives to achieve some desirable scenarios
•    Identification of pathways for reaching the desired future
•    Developmentof practical recommendations for policy makers


Targets set in
•    Technology Vision 2035 - Prerogatives and Grand Challenges
•    Sustainable Development Goals
•    The World in 2050 (TWI2050)

Enabling Tools

Tools used by the division for quantitative technology foresight includes

•    Data Analytics Softwares/ Tools
•    Sectoral Simulation Models
•    Agent Based Modeling
•    Stochastic Modeling
•    Cross Impact Analysis
•    Econometric Tools