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Home News & Events List of interns selected for the Summer 2017 session
List of interns selected for the Summer 2017 session E-mail
Topic Code
Topic title
Selected/ Wait-listed Candidate for Summer 2017
(Application Number)

Technology Foresight Study on Nutraceuticals
No candidate selected
Technology Foresight Study on Electric Aircraft
Paras Jain
Future Energy Storage Technology and their Impacts
No candidate selected
Electrification of Public Transport Buses: Assessment of Charging Infrastructure Requirement for Future
Shankho Ghosh
Assessment Study on Development of Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) Technology    
No candidate selected
Identification of Weak Signals and Their Implications for Science, Technology and Innovation Policy    
No candidate selected
Self-healing Materials – Future Prospects and Pointers for R&D in India   
No candidate selected 
Artificial Intelligence Tool for Assisting in Patent Examination   
Kunal Rao

Manish Kumar Singh
(17SUM0013) (Waitlisted)

1.    The selected students have been intimated by post and email
2.    List of selected candidates for Autumn 2017 will be announced on a later date