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Interns Selected for Spring 2017-18 E-mail

Topic Title and Code

Selected Candidate
Technology Foresight Study: Essential Oil (Flavours and Fragrances) (CHE01)   
Ritika Fulara
Assessment Study on Deveopment of Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) Technology (CMT01)    

Bharti Jasrotia
Identification and Analysis of Weak Signals and their Implications for Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (HSC03)   
Revathy A.S.
Charging Infrastructure for Public Transport Buses (TFR11)   
Sharankumar Shastri
Comparative Analysis of Emerging Vehicle Technology in Indian Context - Part I (TFR12)   
Tharun Vaka
Self Healing Materials - Future Prospects and Pointers for R&D in India (TVN08)  

No suitable candidate found

Selected candidates will be informed by email and post.