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Pelletization of biomass and combustible waste


To establish the commercial viability of pelletised fuels form agricultural waste and other combustible biomass. The project aims at obtaining data on the economics of the operating pelletisation units on commercial scale like the procurement, transportation and processing cost for fuel pellets vis-à-vis conventional fuels like coal.

Context for undertaking the project:

Firing of loose biomass in boilers is associated with problems like high storage space equipment, interlocking of materials like cotton stalk chips and jumping off the chutes, problems in combustion chamber due to the varying bulk densities of the fuel, lighter materials being carried over along with flue gas, etc.  Use of fuel pellets can solve these problems.

Technology Achieved:

Technology source:    In-house development.

The company put up the plant with M/s Ess Aar Energies, near Chandigarh in August 1999.  The plant was later on shifted to Shahjahanpur, Rajasthan.  The pellets produced had calorific value of around 4000 kcal/kg, which is comparable to coal. Specific density and bulk density of the pellets are 1100 kg/m3 and 650-750 kg/m3 respectively.  Mainly press mud (waste material from sugar industry) was used as raw material.  Saw dust and mustard straw were also tried.  The pellets were supplied to Star Paper Mills and were tested in boilers of the mill.  Pellets from sugar mill waste were also tested in different brick kilns. Pellets were made from mustard husk for Alwar Fuels for testing in gasifier.  A 2T/hr pellet mill was put up at Modi Sugar Mill, Modi Nagar and another 2T/hr pelletising plant for sugar mill press mud was commissioned at Vinay Agro Fuel and more than 100 tonnes of pellets have been made.

Implementing Agency

Hitech Agro Projects Pvt. Ltd., Shahjahanpur, Rajasthan
Sh.A.K. Khater,
Ph: 26879395, Fax: 26117000