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Energy Efficient Axial Flow FRP Fans
M/s. Parag Fans & Cooling Systems Ltd., Dewas and IIT-Bombay
The axial flow fans are widely used for providing required airflow for heat & mass transfer operations in various industrial equipment and processes. The project focused on developing composite impellers with improved aerodynamic profiles for required airflow & pressure while reducing shaft power. Lightweight composite fans also ensure a low moment of inertia, minimum wear & stress on motor, bearing and drive system. Hollow composite blades reduce material & installation costs and possibility of damage to the fan & drive during sudden stops. The FRP fans were developed with the following advantages :


Higher efficiency suitable for any specific application.
Reduced overall weight of the fan, thereby extending the life of mechanical drive systems such as gearboxes, bearings etc.
Low power consumption resulting in appreciable energy savings
Lower flow & mechanical noise levels
Longer life of fans due to improved mechanical strength
Excellent corrosion & erosion resistance and Fire retardance
Lower pay-back period (3-9 months)

Five fans for cooling towers for power plants, mine ventilation, air heat exchanger, radiator cooling for diesel locomotive and textile mill humidification were developed. The performance of all the above fans was tested in actual field conditions with a considerable efficiency differential over the conventional ones with metallic impellers. The radiator cooling fans (1680 mm dia.; 89-103 mm WG pressure; 75-79 KW shaft power), developed successfully for diesel locomotives, were inducted by Indian Railways. Axial fans with composite impellers offer payback period of 3-9 months at current energy rates. The fans are being supplied by Parag Fans to a no. of users in India & abroad.

Table : Test Results of FRP Fans Vs. Conventional Metallic Fans

Sl. No. Type of FRP Fan Flow Rate M3/Sec. Total Pressure

mm water gauge

Shaft Power kW FRP Fan Efficiency as Certified by User Agencies Efficiency Improvement over Conventional Fan FRP Fan Energy Savings over Conventional Fan
1. Cooling Tower Fan+







2. Textile Mill Humidifier Fan *







3. Mine Ventilation Fan+

48.60 - 81.00






4. Radiator Cooling Fan for Railway Diesel Locomotives*

49.76 - 60.21

88.56 - 102.98

74.95 -78.60

65.67 - 70.24%

2.33 - 9.62%

1.86 - 4.60%

5. Air-heat Exchanger Fan+

91.43 - 96.94

8.26 - 8.56

10.1- 10.17

74.01 - 80.04%

20.79 - 21.09%

28.96 - 34.93%

* Tested on the Test Rig as per ANSI/AMCA 210-85

It is estimated that around 2,500 fans of various sizes and applications can be replaced in a year with a growth rate of 15% per annum in the replacement market. It is also expected that around 1,500 fans of various sizes can be sold in the OEM market with a 10% p.a. growth rate. The axial flow fans enjoy good export potential, especially in the neighboring countries, as there are very few manufacturers of FRP fans, which mostly located in Europe and the U.S.A.

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