Code No:S059(Vol-IX) Price: 250Category: Materials & Chemicals: Metals


Year of Publication : 2002

Table Of Contents : 

  • TUNGSTEN-- Properties & Applications; Mineral Resources: World Resources; Resources in India, Tungsten Industry in India, Extraction Process, Processing of Tungsten; Production Statistics & Technology: World Scenario, Production of Tungsten, Concentrate in India, Tungsten Concentrate - Imports & Exports, Production / Consumption / Demand, Trend, Technology Investment; Alloy Development & Processing; Important Alloys & Their uses Products; Market Demand and Pricing; Recycling Strategies; Business Opportunities-India & Abroad; Major Stake Holders; Government Policy
  • MOLYBDENUM--- Properties & Applications: Electrical & Electronic Devices, Aerospace & Defence Applications, Glass Manufacturing, High Temperature Furnaces and Equipments; Mineral Resources: World Resources, Resources in India, Industry in India, Extraction; Production Technology & Processing: Hot work tooling, Molten Metal Processing, Thermal Spray Processing, Chemical Processing Machining, Forming and Metal Working, Joining; Alloy Development: TZM Alloy, Mo-30W Alloy, Zirconia Dispersed Molybdenum; Major Stake Holders
  • NIOBIUM---- Properties & Applications: Physical Properties, Mechanical Properties, General Properties, Corrosive Resistance, Applications; Mineral Resources: World Resources, Resources in India, Niobium Industry in India; Production Technology & Processing: Turning, Drilling, Screw Cutting, Spinning, Welding, Fusion Welding, Cleaning, Cladding
  • TANTALUM--- Properties & Applications: Physical Properties, Other Properties, General Properties; Applications; Production Technology & Processing: Production of Tantalum, Blanking or Punching, Form Stamping, Deep Drawing, Spinning, Turning & Milling, Grinding, Welding, Cleaning and Grit Blasting, Cladding; Alloy Development and Uses: 97.5% Tantalum, 2.5% Tungsten, 90% Tantalum, 10% Tungsten, Uses; Market Demand / Trend; Major Stake Holders