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Code No: S061 Price: 1400 Category: Foods & Agriculture: Herbal & Natural Products and Floriculture


Year of Publication : 2001

Table Of Contents : Introduction- Background; Scope and Objectives of the Study; Importance of the Study; Methodology and Limitations; Presentation of the Report; Executive Summary; Present Status- Indian Production and Utilisation; Global Trends in Production and Utilisation; Indian Exports; Research, Development and Patenting; Value Chain; Problems and Issues; Vision for the Future- Global Trends and Perspectives; Indian Strengths and Weaknesses; Short listing of Plants; Research in Cultivation; Application Research; Challenges Ahead; Positioning the Industry- Policy Change; Locations; Responsibility of Plantation; Establishing Linkages; Market Development; Infrastructure Development; Finances; Taxation and Incentives; Research and Development; Others; Key Issues and Action Plans; List of Tables- Production Data for Different Medicinal Plants; Cultivation and Post-harvest Information for Different Plants; Indian Crude Drug and Dried Herbs Export; A List of Some Indian Research Institutes Working on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants; Selected Medicinal Herbs Suitable for Cultivation All over India; Endangered Plants from Himalayas Needed for Cultivation; Endangered Forest Trees; A List of Important Medicinal and Aromatic Plants That Can Be Included Along With the Shortlisted; Plants in the Tables 3.4 A, B, C in the CD ROM Proposed in Suggestion No.58; List of Endangered Medicinal Plants of India, Prohibited for Export, Listed by Ministry of Commerce vide Public Notice No. 47, (PN) / 92-97, dated 30-3-1994; List of Endangered Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of India from Red Data Book; Annexures- List of Contacts for Herbal and Natural Products; Establishment Of Herbal/ Natural Products: R & D Laboratory For Product Development & Quality Assurance