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Code No: S066
Price: 2000
Category: Bioprocess & Bioproducts

Executive Summary

Biomass derived bioproducts offers challenging opportunities in technology innovation and associated wealth generation. The conversion of biomass into multiple bio-products could result in complete utilization of biomass - thus improving the yield & overall economics for the bio-fuel industries. Considering the vast potential for deriving value-added bio-products from available Indian biomass, the study was commissioned under the ‘Bioprocess & Bioproducts Programme’ of TIFAC.

The report contains a comprehensive assessment of select bio-chemicals and bio-fuels towards understanding the existing technology trends, identifying the gaps, R&D needs and technology linked business opportunities for their effective utilization in India. The report discusses at length the current status of technologies in India vis-à-vis advanced countries. It also covers an indicative market size for a few high-value products. The study recommends opportunities for biomass derived biochemicals in Indian context. It identifies potential centres in India for R & D projects in collaboration with international organizations.

The first few chapters of the report deal with select high value bio-chemicals and derivatives of C6, C5, C4 & C3 biochemicals that can be obtained from various raw sugars. The biochemicals and their derivatives discussed in details in the report are as follows: