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 Summary : A particular guide for – Scientists, Technologists, Researchers, Corporate Planners, Managers etc.
This is an attempt to present the whole range of the subject in a systematic manner with specific practical suggestions.
Effort is made to crystallise the law, practice and procedure and the reader can get the complete spectrum of the law and practice pertaining to I) Patent, ii) Design, iii) Trade Mark & iv) Copy rights in general.
Typical forms are also enclosed for completion of formalities.

Year of Publication : 1993

Table Of Contents :

  • History of Intellectual Property System in India
  • Patent
  • Importance of Technological Information, contained in Patent Specifications & Sources of Patent Information in India
  • Design
  • Trade Mark
  • Copyright
  • Rights of Employer-Employee in protecting intellectual property
  • List of persons Registered as Patent Agents under the Patents Act, 1970
  • Sample Copies of Letters, Patents and certificates of Design, Trademark and copyright
  • Index.

Price : Rs900/-

Category : Other Areas