Code No: TIFAC:V:06:ESDR Price:3000 Category: Road Transportation

Some of the salient points emanating out of the study are:

  • Improving the conditions of the roads supporting the National/State highway traffic and testing of the materials and manufactured products used in the major road construction are the items requiring immediate attention. In short term technical infrastructure for these need to be placed in position in addition to making tests compulsory.
  • Use of blended mix of earth with non-cohesive materials, better compaction techniques and semi mechanised construction methods are required in the short run. Simultaneously upgradation of equipments, technology and induction of new machines are envisaged for the construction machinery sector. About 50% of equipment manufacturers would be aiming for ISO certification soon.
  • Actions to improve fuel efficiency, upgradation of vehicle technology, adoption of intelligent transport system and new generation vehicles using newer materials are also envisioned. Use of integrated systems for controlling signals to achieve continuous movements of traffic as well as installation of telecom systems for traffic management and accident management are also envisaged.
  • Existing arterial road network requires need to be improved, better managed and maintained. Containerised cargo movement may increase considerably. Enforcement of the motor vehicle rules and regulations for safe driving, over speed shunning, safety belts, driver friendly safety through proper vehicle upkeeps and maintenance along with improving rural/accessibility and mobility through accelerated growth of rural roads would be required in a large scale.

Price : Rs.3000/-

Category : Technology Vision 2020 Reports