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Food with required nutritional quality would continue to remain the essential and most important need for sustaining of the humankind. Identifying the important role of agriculture with crucial economic and political significance, the report has covered in detail various aspects of resources, technology, crop protection and production, rain fed agriculture, role of biotechnology and potential global impact. It has also suggested public-private industry relationships, and action plans required in this sector.

Some of the striking points emerging out of the study are:

  • Broadening the production area of wheat and increasing rice production by adopting hybrid variety are crucial. Development of Food Technology for both domestic as well as export markets is crucial. Essential cold storage and long distance transport facilities would be required to increase consumption in the fruits and vegetables. This aspect is also covered in the Agro Food Processing Task Force report in considerable detail.
  • There is likely to be considerable increase in demand for the export of items like tea, coffee, spices etc. There is a need to increase our knowledge base of pre-harvest and post-harvest processes as well as about the perishables.
  • The report clearly brings out the issues on food security and farm management. It deals with a complex subject as it touches on the lives of every Indian. There are also issues on which continual discussions are required.

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