Code No:TIFAC:V:08:III:DRPrice:3000Category: Healthcare

Table of Content:Scenario topics:The Ophthalmology Scenario, Scenario of Cancer In India, Scenario: Neurological, Neuro-Surgical, Psychiatric disorder, and addictions, Scenario for Cardiovascular Disorders, Scenario: Renal Diseases and Hypertension, Scenario: Maternal & Child Health, Scenario: Diabetes, Scenario:Infections Diseases, Scenario: Genetic Disorders, Scenario: Gastro-Intestinal disorders, Scenario: Accidents and Injuries, Scenario: Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome.

Summary : In the field of eye care immediate attention is to be given for adequate availability of indigenously produced Vitamin-A. Indigenous production of better quality Intraocular lens (IOLs). ; To tackle the problems of Cancer, it is essential to develop state level transfusion services network. Action should be taken to set up one Cobalt-60 unit per million population and Plasma phersis facilities at specialised centres.; Investment in R&D for availability of newer anti-epileptic drugs at lower costs and for generating indigenous technology for electromyelography, needs priority attention. ; Indigenous technological strengths for production of low cost rapid diagnostic kits are required to tackle cardiovascular disorders. ; Indigenous production of consumables for dialysis and transplants is an important area identified for tackling renal diseases.; Replacing iodised salt with double fortified salt, and provision of prophylaxis for all eligible children, are emphasized in the area of Maternal & Child Health. ; For managing diabetes, indigenous production of low-cost self monitoring kits and inexpensive human/newer types of insulin, are required.; Monoclonal diagnostic aids for detecting TB, wider application of biological vector control for malaria, reliable barrier methods to minimise risks of accidental transmission of AIDS etc., are to be given priority for controlling infectious diseases. It is forecast that TB, AIDS, Vector-borne and diarrhoeal diseases are likely to be major ones in the future.; For controlling genetic disorders it is envisaged to resort to primary prevention of neural tube defects by folic acid supplementation to all child bearing women.; Well organised trauma & burn care services at district levels, indigenous production of high-quality, low-weight prosthetic & orthotic devices, are very important for to prevent damage from injuries and accidents. ;