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Some of the salient points emanating out of the study are:

  • Development of technologies for residue upgradation and maximisation of distillates, product quality improvement, technologies for HVI, VHI and EHVI/ LOBS and Bitumen manufacture, technologies for pollution abatement needs attention in Petroleum Industries.
  • Establishment of petrochemical technology development centre, creation of centre of excellence for petrochemicals R&D and a specialised centre for performance plastics are felt to be of immediate importance in Petrochemicals including Organic Chemicals area.
  • Technology shift towards more efficient membrane cell technology and R&D focus on reduction in raw-material & utility consumption and energy savings, improvement in product quality and reduction in volume of effluents are to be addressed in Heavy Chemicals area.
  • Need to upgrade process/technology leading to improved raw material & energy efficiencies, improved process control, reduced operating & maintenance costs and improved pollution control measures are emphasised to be crucial in Fertilizers area.
  • Technology upgradation for catalytic hydrogenation, direct amination, better conversion in diazo/coupling reactions, reverse osmosis/salt reduction, micropocessor based automatic process control systems, better recovery systems for energy, recycling of solvents & acids and minimsation of pollution load and use of natural dyes needs immediate attention, in the area of Dyes & Intermediates.
  • Development of technologies for phermones & antifeedents etc, establishing an integrated pest management facility & pesticide residue analysis centre, proper attention towards safe and judicious use, better pollution control measures, computer assisted molecular modelling, development of bio-pesticides suitable for Indian climatic & soil conditions are stressed to be important for Pesticides & Growth Regulators.
  • Development of indigenous technology and production facilities for world class titanium dioxide plant, absorption of imported technology, castor oil based products, eco-friendly products such as water based, high solids & powder coatings are areas which need attention in the area of Surface Coatings.
  • The petrochemical detergent intermediate linear alkyl benzene (LAB) to move towards fully biodegradable LAB, upgradation of formulation sector, R&D focus on development of AOS, nonconventional electrochemical sources, sulphonation, bio-surfactants are envisioned to be given importance in Surfactants sector.

We look forward to the Government Departments/Agencies, Industries, Industry associations, organisations and other interested groups involved in this area to launch some major mission mode programmes and initiatives in these aspects, by implementing actions as soon as possible to see that these are achieved.


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