Spreading the IPR culture

PFC, set up in 1995 by the Department of Science & Technology as a unit of TIFAC, has been in the forefront in creating awareness about intellectual property rights (IPR) in the country. The activities of the centre encompass assisting educational institutions in protecting their inventive work, spreading IPR culture to the state level, evolving policies at the national level, providing technical input to the government on IPR related issues and interacting with other science departments.  
Over the years PFC has become a national referral point for information and guidance on IPR matters for the country through:

  • Awareness creation in knowledge institutions
  • Facilitation of IP Protection of inventions emanating from academic institutions, , R&D institutions and government agencies
  • Training Programmes for Scientists and Technologists from India and abroad.
  • Establishing Patent Information Centers (PICs) across the states
  • Registering Geographical Indications involving the PICs                 
  • Establishing IPR Cells in Universities to help academicians in matters related to IPR like patent searches, IP audit of universities, protecting their inventions etc.


Activities Total
Patent & IPR awareness workshops 424
IPR Bulletin     122 issues
Facilitation of filing of patent applications  Filed : 1100; Granted :150
Registration Geographical Indications 7
Ekaswa-A, Ekaswa-B and Ekaswa-C CD-ROM
databases on Indian patents
Updated Software & 7*4 Volumes 7years
Patent search reports 1200
PICs 20
Training Programmes About 20
Special Reports 47
Women Scientists Scheme (WOS-C) 311 Women Trained in 6 batches; 119 Patent Agents


  • Running the Women Scientists Scheme (WOS-C) aimed at utilizing the dormant potential of women scientists qualified in science and technology
  • International Collaboration with National Institutes of Health (NIH), US
  • Database on Indian Patents- available online through PFC website and offline through CDs
  • IPR Bulletin  spreading awareness about IP related matters especially patents all over the country                   
  • Patent analysis and technology scan reports and FAQs on IPR in various Indian languages
  • Video, “Patents Made Easy”  
  • Patent search service
  • Counseling and advisory role
  • International training of PFC Officials
  • IPR support to other Ministries