Bridging the gap in innovation chain

Graduation from laboratory to pilot or semi-commercial stage is a critical phase for a technology. This is a phase when technology risk is still high, involves widest span of technical activities and commercialization too is fraught with high risk. Not many mechanisms offer support during such phases. The Home Grown Technology programme started in 1992, is one of the earliest initiatives in the country for supporting scale-up of technology from laboratory to pilot or semi-commercial stage.

TIFAC continued the programme till 2005 and supported 76 projects. Three types of projects were supported under the programme: industry supported pilot implementation at R&D institutes, collaborative developments by industry and R&D institute and in-house developments by industry.

The programme set up one of the earliest model in the country for collaborative technology development involving academia/ R&D institute and industry. It also succeeded in promoting among the small and medium enterprise, the culture of venturing into new technology fields. 

Wide spectrum of technologies including chemicals, medical science, surface engineering, materials, electronics, manufacturing, environment friendly technologies and value addition to natural products were developed under this programme.

Some of the many successful developments are HFC-134a, chlorpyriphos, Rapid Diagnostic Kits for poultry and cattle, Detonation Spray Gun for surface coating, 3,5 xylenol, standardized natural dyes, Omega-3 fish oil,  plasma pyrolysis of medical waste, gallic acid, haemoconcentrator, low molecular weight heparin, probiotics, electronic module for intermittent wiper, heat pipe based heat sinks, power electronics products for power sector, Clinical Decision Support System etc.

The programme helped several start-up companies and first generation entrepreneurs to establish themselves based on innovative technologies.

The programme had a total outlay of Rs. 34 crore. A sample survey conducted in January 2012 among a basket of 15 projects showed that these projects achieved a total turnover of about Rs. 780 crore and tax/ excise duty paid to the government over the years from these projects has been about Rs. 80 crore so far.