Preparation of Detailed Project Report for preparing EFC Memo for “National Mission on Quantum Technologies & Applications”

Quantum Technologies & Applications is one of the 9 missions of national importance, being driven by the Prime Minister’s Science and Technology Innovation Advisory Council (PM-STIAC) through the (Principal Scientific Advisor) PSA’s office to leverage cutting edge scientific research for India’s sustainable development.

The areas of focus would both be in fundamental science and towards developing technology platforms in the Four (4) identified verticals viz., (i) Quantum Computing & Simulations; (ii) Quantum Materials & Devices; (iii) Quantum Communications; & (iv) Quantum Sensor & Metrology.

Recent developments at global level impress upon the need to develop and exploit the technologies, that are at the heart of the QTA-Some of the future everyday applications of quantum technology will be autonomous vehicle navigation, weather prediction, transportation planning, pharmaceutical development, secure financial communications, resource exploration, sensing and quantum encryption among the many others.

The mission aims at harnessing the potential of QTA and keep the country in league with the ones taking the lead in the domain, requires a detailed work-plan, comprehensively addressing all sectors and by involving all stakeholders.

DPR is proposed to be prepared on a consultative framework, under the guidance of a committee of experts. The Report shall be drawn by a team put together by TIFAC, seeking inputs from multiple channels-literature survey, expert opinion, global trends, brainstorming meetings, etc. Review by Steering Committee shall be conducted to ensure that the document is a well-rounded one.

Till 01-Dec-2019, following 4 National Consultative Meetings were held, 1 each on the four (4) verticals :

  1. On “Quantum Sensors & Metrology” during 01st October, 2019 at IISER, Pune
  2. On “Quantum Computing & Simulations” during 05-06 November, 2019 at IISER Thiruvananthapuram
  3. On “Quantum Communications” during  22-23 November, 2019 at IISER, Mohali
  4. On “Quantum Materials & Devices’ during 29 Nov – 01 December, 2019 at IIT Delhi

Draft Inputs on the Four Verticals are under preparation.

Date of Update: 03-Dec-2019